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December 6, 2022 | Philanthropy | Knights Bridge Winery

The Honorable Sidney Barthwell, Jr. Scholarship Fund

 The Honorable Sidney Barthwell, Jr. Scholarship Fund

“We created this scholarship because we are in an extraordinary time period, including the pandemic and the emotions laid bare by the racial reckoning this summer, that has led many of us to re-examine our actions and priorities. It seemed that honoring a terrific person who influenced so many people, including me, and who was all about bringing people together, is particularly pertinent now.”

—Jim Bailey

The Honorable Sidney Barthwell, Jr. Scholarship Fund at Cranbrook School and Harvard Law School currently provides needs based financial support for three academically gifted, underrepresented scholars. These students from an under-resourced community receive four years of tuition, room, and board at Cranbrook. All three scholarship recipients demonstrate my friend Sid’s passion for education, leadership, community, social justice, and equity.

Together and through this Fund, we change individual lives while improving the institutions we care about by bending the arc toward equity, equality, and justice for all – a promise Sidney believed in deeply.

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