Knights Bridge Winery
April 20, 2020 | Entertain | Knights Bridge Winery

Flower Arranging + Napkin Folding

Flower Arranging + Napkin Folding 
featuring 2016 Knights Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Linville 


1. Unfold square napkin and smooth out

2. Fold in half

3. Fold in bottom right corner to ½ inch from center; fold in top left corner to 2 inches from center

4. Fold bottom half up, keeping corner folds intact

5. Fold top left corner down, 3 inches from center

6. Bring left half over to make square

7. Flip entire napkin over carefully keeping folds intact

8. Fold up to half point

9. Tuck in top half

10. Flip napkin over

11. Tuck in herbs or flowers


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