2014 Knights Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon 6L

2014 Knights Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon 6L
Hand Etched Methuselah | 6L

Methuselahs are impressive gifts for the serious collector and ideal for celebrations. Tannins soften with age, and the wine begins to express secondary and tertiary aromas, creating more complexity. The larger the bottle, the longer and slower the aging process, because the oxygen sealed in each bottle of wine is the same despite differing bottle sizes. With larger formats, there is a larger volume of liquid interacting with that oxygen. In addition, large formats are more resistant to temperature variations and light damage due to the higher volume of liquid. For those interested in making wine investments, large-format bottles are an excellent option for cellaring and aging and are a wonderful and generous present for the most deserving on your holiday gift list. Methuselahs serve approximately 40 glasses of wine.

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Wine Specs
Cabernet Sauvignon
Knights Valley
Alcohol %