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Work in the Vineyard Continues...

Work in the Vineyard Continues...

Work never ends in the vineyards. Learn more about what we're doing now in our estate vineyard to prepare for the 2010 growing season.

Knights Bridge Estate Vineyard in the Fall

The 2009 harvest is complete, but work in the vineyard continues.

Each month brings its own special set of tasks to be completed to ensure quality fruit is grown and vines remain healthy. This time of year we are building the foundation for a fruitful spring. We are focusing on the soils at the moment, laying down organic mulch and planting seeds (‘cover crop') that attract beneficial insects and nourish the soils. Focusing on the soils is the first step in developing balanced vines, which are crucial to making well made, distinctive wines.

Soon our attention will turn to prepping the vines for bud break. Learn more about our sustainable farming practices.

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Work in the Vineyard Continues...