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Star Burst

Star Burst

Since we practice sustainable farming, we find some very beautiful wildflowers growing in our estate vineyard property.  Read more about our most recent find.

Star Burst Wildflower

We are consistently amazed at the wildflowers that just seem to pop up at various locations around the Estate vineyard property here in Knights Valley. The picture above shows Plains Coreopsis / Calliopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria (Asteraceae)) and was found near Lower Block 7.

After some online research, we learned these are a hardy, upright annual, native to the southern United States that has spread throughout much of North America. Their leaves are finely divided occurring mostly in the lower portion of the plant. A prodigious bloomer, having vibrant yellow flowers with maroon centers they prefer full sun in various soil types.

We follow sustainable farming practices in our vineyard and these flowers provide us with a more diverse eco-system and more beauty and color to the vineyard scenery.

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Star Burst