Our Organic Garden Provides the Bounty for our Table and our Events

Sunflower in the gardenOur organic garden provides a wealth of fresh produce for many of our feasts. And while we also like to access the many amazing farmers markets in the area, the produce from our garden results in vegetables and herbs with a certain intensity of flavor that truly represents the terroir from our unique plot of land.

Our organic garden, much like our vineyards, gets a winter cover crop of three clovers, fava and other crops to enrich the soil during the rainy season. In early spring, we begin seed starts from the previous year's crop to begin the cycle all over again. In addition to our vegetable starts from seed, we use starts from local organic providers such as Forni, Brown & Welsh. This local growers provide local greens and other vegetables to many of the finest restaurants in the area, and arguably have the most amazing array of heirloom vegetable starts in California. For example, last year we wanted to increase our varieties of heirloom tomatoes and we ended up with nearly 20 different varieties, most from FBW. During the growing and harvest seasons, our garden acts as an outdoor kitchen -- a place where friends and family congregate to talk, work, and often eat ripening tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables right off the plant.

Organic Garden