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Barrel Aging Techniques

Barrel Aging Techniques

With the 2009 vintage wines in barrel we now turn our attention to the aging process. Learn more about the aging techniques of our wines...


With the wines in barrel we now turn our attention to the aging process. Our wines are aged in French oak that allows them to evolve and change, sometimes on a daily basis. We track each of these barrels on an individual basis to ensure it captures its own personality and qualities from each lot. This is important since we have a lot of different microclimates and soils on the estate vineyard that add its own personality and characteristics to our wines. Some barrels like to be stirred on a weekly basis to show their secrets, but some respond better to being left alone to develop their unique expression. As you can imagine, it takes time to get to know each barrel. Our winemaker, Jeff Ames, knows each intimately.

Our first impression of the 2009 Vintage? Fantastic! These wines are really taking on shape, and appear to be very similar in flavor to the spectacular 2007 vintage. But our wines from 2009 also have an added richness and intensity of fruit that highlights the long, cool summer months.

We are excited to watch these wines continue to develop and build their unique personality, and look forward to the day that we can share them with you.

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Barrel Aging Techniques